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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 30, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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up. be a part of our news team and we in on twitter. i will see you on the 5 week days. what are they doing and who is in control? >> i handed the president a letter about border security . never heard back from him on that either. this is an administration that has a political deal. >> and month and half letter. governors are waiting for answers from the white house. >> remember the illegal irmgrants released from prison. we don't know who they are except to know that many are convicted of crimes and armed robberis and having multiple dui's. arizona governor john brewer sounds off with the hour of
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america's newses headquarters that starts right now. >> first we begin with a story, new threat north korea. the young leader has declared his nation is in a state of war with south korea. this comes as north korea threatens american cities. here's more on the threats and how the white house is responding. >> a steady steam of threats that escalate as menacing statements reach all-time high. the young leder kim jong-un that the korean peninsula is in a state of the war. >> from this time on, north/south relations are entering into a state of war and all issues will be handled accordingly. a state of the neither peace nor woor. >> and they released a
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photograph of the middle of the night meeting with his staff. targeting the military bases. the large scale map with trajectory planned. it is not believed that they have the missile technology to strike the u.s. man land but capable of tarketing military bases. this meeting comes a day after the u.s. conducted joint military drills with south korea. the decision to send the b-2 bombers was par normal exercises but they are not ignoring the provocative threats. >> when a country said the kinds of things that the dprk is saying we say in response we can and will defend our own nation and allies that that is credible. >> just this morning, the young leader threatened to shut down a manufacturing hub with dozens of plants with
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north and south korea not far from the border. it remains to operate normally for the most part. north and south korea have been at war ended in a truce but not a treaty. >> thank you very much. >> we have sad news out of arizona with word that a navy seal died after a training accident. two seals collided in a parachute jump. the second seal was injured in that crash and in stable condition. their names have not been released ands are continuing to investigate what went wrong. survivors of the fort hood attack is outraged that the defense department will not award purple hearts. they say the attack would have to be a labeled a terrorist act. doing that would prevent nadal has an from getting a fair
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trial. has an is accused of attacking the fort hood base. 32 people were kill would and others injured. the defense department is handling the attack as a case of workplace violence. >> feds are holding a former u.s. soldier in sir yampt eric was arrested after his plane landed in dulles international airport in virginia. he is charged with plotting to use a rocket propel would grenade. his father said the charges make no sense. >> allegations that he was working along side a group affiliated with al qaeda. >> no, i don't believe that. that is not true at all. that is not. he would never do that. >> eric posted videos on line claiming he would fight against syrian president assad
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who slaughtering his own people for two years. >> and turning to that hot spot in the world. the nation of syria where anti-assad rebel forces captured a key town near jordan. this after heavy fighting killed 38 people. the ongoing conflict continues to raise the death tollwith the un said 79 people died since the violent crack down. the question that mean are asking, should the obama administration intervene. joining us is monica crow loo. great to have you here. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. well, let's begin by talking about the syrian rebel leader who is saying despite the humanitarian aid the u.s. should do more as the oppositionles. >> isn't that taking a deep. something that the opposition is wanting and still left with the rirving.
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>> this is absolutely why one of the administrations have not intervened to this point. it is estimated and over 70,000 people absolutered and what is interesting to me, uma. when president obama was trying to raise forces to intervene in libya he did a couple of things. he tried to get local support and arab league and nato and that local support for intervention and one of the key things that president obama did at the time was couch it in humanitarian terms. it is a humanitarian threatine though gaddafi had slaughter. it no actul slaughter yet . president obama decided to justify the intervention. on a doctor that he and samantha powers. is calling the responsibility to protect or rte .
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envoking that and protect innocent civilians when they are facing a grave threat of slaughter by their own regime and that we in the west have this responsibility to protect . we envoke that in libya when there is no actul slaughter and here we are in syria and where the responsibility to protect here . why hasn't he not envoked it and gone to the arab league about it there is a fundmental inconsistency in this president's foreign policy when it come to intervention when it comes to this regard. and we are trying to do business with countries that do support and why do you think that we haven't seen evidence that the white house is putting more pressure on the nation to get assad to
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back down. they could take step to force their hand. >> and looking at the approach to the middle east one thing jumps out to you. the arab spring broke out a couple of years ago. these regimes were allies of the united states and cooperating with the united states in key areas . obviously hosnimubarrack was a key ally . by the time barack obama became president, he was providing the united states with really important intelligence about the muslim brotherhood movements in north africa . he is gone . you have muslim brotherhood and we have had chaos in all places. i submit to you in the syrian example this president has no interest in seeing assad survive and he is interested in seeing the muslim
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brotherhood rise to power in syria . they announced the development of the new political party and the prime minister in syria is an american muslim brotherhood and figure . so it was where they were wary about intervening with the muslim brotherhood and take over in damascus which is likely. that is a provocative comment from you. about the white house promoting the muslim brotherhood. >> maybe not in promoting them and they look like they are not interested in dissuading them in every way. you have the united states forking over $250 million to the muslim brotherhood . a number of very sophisticated fighter jets on the way to muslim brotherhood in egypt and we have an administration in the white house and in washington. interested in promoting the american values in the middle
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east it is advancing the muslim brotherhood and that is what we are seeing in egypt and libya and tunisia and perhaps now in syria. focusing on the number of jobs it will create and the chief washington correspondant is here with the argument, james. >> you may recall the chicago tribune endorsed president obama for election . they said enough dollying and approve the key stone excel pipe line. this project would be the second key stone pipe line running from tar stands of alberta canada and bring on
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liningy i barrels of crude oil a day and create jobs over time. parts of it are under construction and parts are delayed by the obama administration citing environmental concerns. >> the key stone pipe line is a no brainer and pass would muster through several environmental reviews and picked up support of a broad grass roots coalition . public backing is risen to 70 percent . last week, the democratic run senate and filibuster proof of 62 votes. a bipartisan show of support rarely seen in washington. >> president obama called for more federal spending on decaying infrastructure said the u.s. must look to canada and mexico as source of imported oil. even as we dealt with key
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stone and discussions and energy strategy that includes increasing development over the natural resources and that led to record high production of natural gas and led to a situation where we are importing less fossil full - energy . april 15 will mark the critical juncture in the key stone process . the latest environmental impact study comes to an end. and governors alarmed by the lack of information by the lack ever information and rick perry is called a federal jail break . jan brewer can't understand
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why the feds refuse to give more information about the detainees that are charged with everything but assault to multiple dui's. i talked with her this week. >> it 342 released into arizona and we know that there are level one or two or three . i requested my homeland security and public safety directors to send a letter to the information . it is outrageous that they move forward and not notify our law enforcement that they are doing it . they said there were hundreds indeed and they say it thousands . we didn't know where the people were released from . we don't know where they are at and how they are even monitoring them. >> as the governor, you are the chief law enforcement
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official of the state and not to be notified, that seems to be outrageous at this point a month into this. >> and it is absolutely outrageous. they have a responsibility and when they do things like this . they ought to be working with us and we protect and know what is going on in their state. it is improperly executed and you know, we have seen this with the administration and they are ash move about and do things and we found out sometimes in the news. what can you do about this . knowing that you have not received information from the immigration officials and they are not responding to your request for further clar. >> and the bottom line we are continuing to pursue information and contact them and it is difficult, trying to get things from the federal
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government when they are responsible . for them, i mean we contacted the homeland security, and contacted them with people that get information from. absolutely zip, nothing. >> you sit here and you are frustrated and we don't know if more have been released. we'll continue to pursue it. i hear you and americans listening to this are saying how can this be happening at a time when so much is at stake . at a time when washington is trying to come up with a comprehensive immigration plan. >> i know they keep talking about it . i don't know how far they are with that . what i would like to see. you know, the president ought to come down here and look at our borders and the bottom line is. that we cannot in my opinion move forward with
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comprehensive immigration plan until the borders are secure . the people that live on the border are secure . they have to do thing necessary an orderly manner and i have a responsibility to make sure it happens in a way that the citizens are protected. it is like what are they doing and who is in control. who is in control? no one knows anything. it is it frustrating from your many people are interested in everyoning about this. >> thank you very, very much. we appreciate it and we have to bring it to people's attention, we do. thank you . turning to other nupings. christianings are celebrating easter and cath lix are marking a religious hold day with a new leader. pope francis will most the
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first easter mass in the st. peter basilica. he prayed for peace in the middle east . lauren green takes a look at the new life of the church holiist season of the christian calendar. >> from the moment he appeared on the balcony after his election. pope francis signaled a new direction for the catholic church inspiring a renewed interest. >> i wasn't going as much as i should be. he restored my faith. >> i am interested to get back in the church. >> and the new biship with humbler style is breaking from tradition. on holy thursday washing the feet of two women. a first for a pope in the annual symbolic ritual and that has angered some traditionalist. >> he has given the come home
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campaign a boost. >> we have seen a enthusiasm about the pope that we have not seen in years. >> the catholic church lived under the weight of numerous sex abuse cases and a vatican government corrupted by scandal and then the unthinkable happened. the reznition of a pope. >> the seat is empty and the chair of peter is empty . there is a sense of loss. and then this is a season of easter and christians all over the world celebrate a savior. they have lived out their own version coming back to life with a pope whoyce walk mimics his words. >> he is a pope for this moment and i think that that is what the holy spirit was saying in the conclave. this is the person for this moment. >> in new york. lauren green, fox news.
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tomorrow, fox news sunday and chris wallace will sit down with the cardinal, and he will also talk with mark kelly, united states had of former congresswoman about the push for gun control. >> evacuation orders remain in. we'll have the latest on the live report coming your way . later on in the show. one pastor's radical message and he's encouraging people to strip for god. you will hear from him straight ahead. now jump up and shout. take it off. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes.
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>> and we have word now that there is improvement in the healthy former president nelson man del a. he is breathing without difficulty. he has pneumonia and his office is thanking everybody for thoughts and prayers . and a dangerous situation
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continues in washington state . officials allowing limited acess to an area that is threatened by a major land slide. dominic is joining us live with the latest on the story. >> hey, uma, the land stopped shifting and stabilizing itself . authorities are not taking any risk. it 40,000 truck loads of earth that collapsed north of seattle. it is emergency management and classifying it, uma. >> it is active events . there is minor dirt falling off and that is normal for a land slide and we are conscious that this could be an event that is promoting safety. >> there is limited access for the resident and they are starting to build a atv access
9:25 am
point on friday. it one house that got destroyed and saying they don't expect to have to tag anymore homes and that is only good news considering how dramatic the land slide was. there is no time table for that. they are saying it is a geo technical concern out doing test drilling next week and hopefully to determine how long it is active and whether to expect more slides. what will help the recovery is the weather thank goodness. rain would have maled the situation much, much worse and it will speed things up especially with the acess road so resident can get back to the properties. >> airports are suing the faa. they are asking a federal court to stop the funding cuts
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for the air trarving towers. they claim that the faa needs to look at the trouble those cuts could cause. well, the principal of a alabama school tried to ban the word easter. so the school ended up having a spring egg hunt and dressed up a rabbit instead of a bunny. the superintendent resended the plan. is it take too far . this part of the continued war on christianity. tweet your answers . i am going to read your responses later in this hour. >> north korea is entering into a state of war.
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and the young leader is aiming at the united states. just how serious is the threat he made to cities here in america. gordon will join us live on his take . still to come. an oklahoma dentist under for exposing his patients possibly to hiv. how it could have happened. stay with us. . what's droid-recognition ? understanding you clearly... what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful.
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with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. >> welcome back everybody . here is a look at stories making news . two elementary schools were incompetent to stand murder trial. the boys wrote a note with a list of sen steps planning to kill a female student . they were arrested last month after one was caught playing
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with a knife on the bus. they carried ammunition in the backpack. >> administrators and teachers in georgia are indicted in a major cheatingal. >> they helped to get them to cheat on tests. cheating allegations go back as far as 2005 . the entertainment website tmz is reporting that singer justin bieber may be charged with battery. his neighbor is claiming that the pop star spit on him. >> and it is reportedly that bieber be charged with battery. >> and those are the stories making news right now. >> the north korea government is threatening the south korea . they are say that this peninsula it shares with south
9:33 am
korea is entering into a state of the war . this comes after declarations by the norths. north korea takes on the world author joins us now. gordon, great to see you. many people are concerned about the latest threat from the north. how serious is it at that point from your perspective? >> it is serious and we should be concerned. these harsh words are coming at a time of disarray in the north korea regime. kim jong-un has been in power less than 16 months and firing officials loyal to his dad the previous ruler and trying to change the nature of the regime itself . at no time had he had a smaller basis of support that kim jong-un today. all of the threats he's backing himself in a corner and doesn't know the consequences of what he's
9:34 am
doing and the window for violence is open. >> talk about the timing of the threat. what do you sigh as being significant at this point? >> north korea always makes threats before the south korea and will united states do the joint drills and they did it this year. but most of the time north korea goes silent and this time the warnings are more dire and intense and that means something is different this year than previous years. we need to have a vigilant posture. >> do you think that the young leader is trying to create an aura among his people that he is in charge and he is not his father? >> i totally agree with that. but the problem is, he may not know where the line s. kim jong-il used murdered effect itchly and murdered a number ever americans and south
9:35 am
koreas but hoo got away with it kim jong-un has to make himself appear better than his dad and he may miscal cuate. he don't know about him and we don't know how experienced he's going to be in things like this . this is the reason why it is more dangerous than in the past. >> how do you think that the u.s. is responding so far? >> we are reassuring the south korea with the overflights of b52s and need to reassure the south koreanings. but we need to talk to the chinese. you can be friends with us or friends with the north koreans. but not both at the same time and the other thing we need to do is step up our watch on north korea shipments and don't want them selling to al qaeda or iran. it is not just a north asia
9:36 am
problem but a global one. >> we need to talk to china in a specific way and you are either a friend or not and with us or against us. but china has so far ignored concerns from the united states at this point. what makes you think they will really listen to what the u.s. has to say about this? >> it is it a problem because there is it a incomplete leadership in chin a. military in beijing is more powerful and that undercuts the ability to work with china. we have a leverage over the chinese last year their merchandise purplace was 136.3 percent of all trade surplumpts and that means they had deficits with the rest of the world and run a surplus against us. that gives us leverage. even if we think that there is turmoil in beijing, we have to
9:37 am
use every tool we have. >> when it comes down to it. it is all about the money for china. on the other hand, things are going really bad in beijing in terms of the politicings and becoming more assertive and helping north korea allis and selling them mobile launchers and we really need to work with china. but to the point we haven't exercised the leverage that we have and tools in the tool box. it is really changing our approach not only to north korea but china as well. gordon chang. thank you so much for joining us. >> still to come. when you any to the dentist you expect the teeth to be cleaned properly. but patients in oklahoma may have ended up with a lot more and it is causing major health concerns. details after the break. the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard
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>> we have news about the health alert with thousands of people in oklahoma being urged to get tested for hiv and hepatitis c after news that they may have been exposed by their dentist. we have more on the alarming investigation. >> uma, going to the dentist will not be the same for former patients of tulsa physician. they might have been expogesed to hiv and hepatitis c b&, the alarm bell rain after a patient tested positive for hepatitis c. there improperly sterilized instructs. more than 75 people were in line waiting to undergo free testing. officials say it is first come, first serve.
9:43 am
former patients feel betrayed by the man. >> god forbid something happens and it could jeopardize. >> you can't trust the doctor and dentist and the people who are supposed to do right by you. who can you trust? >> and in addition to the er patients notified about the possible risks that they face. health department officials warn there could be more. >> the doctor patient records only go back to 2007. in oklahoma, and many other states, dental offices are not inspected for health code violation. patients need to be aware proper procedures are followed. >> making sure your doctor used glives and the way they use the instruments. if it is sterilized.
9:44 am
they have to open it in front of you. >> and now good news, there have only been three documented cases of a patient contracting hiv or hepatitis c from's dental procedure, dr. harington has not publicly since the healthcare erupted. >> only three cases, it seems unbelievable that this dentist would not take the proper steps for safety. >> it is still under and i think that the point made the other day, he may have told authorities that he didn't monitor the sterilization process. that the responsibility of his staff. undoubtedly we'll learn more. >> all right. david miller, thank you very much. >> it is your turn to pick the news. four stories that caught our eye and pick which one you
9:45 am
want to here are your choices. hotel seeks professional guests and a scoop of a dream job andry of the tiny door in a tree . mom slaps wrong kid. >> and how did the door get there? and finally robotic jelly fish, the scoop for a new invention for the u.s. navy. log on to fox -- anhq. >> and there you go. or's provokive you eastern message is raising concern . the pastor is telling his city to strip for god . he put that message up on bill boards . after the break. pastor mccool will explain his message.
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>> shake off fear. >> that's the pastor of the
9:50 am
rock church in birmingham, alabama. he is on a mission to cleanse the community and getting folks to focus what is important. he put up 10 big bill boards in birmingham call would strip for me . it is provocative and the message is designed that there is more to the meaning than meets the eye. i had a chance to talk to him about it earlier today. >> pastor, you are provocative over the last couple of weeks with the bill boards in birmingham and talk for a moment of why you did it and this particular quote actually comes from scripture. >> that's right . thank you for having we did it to send a message. hebrews 12:1. strip off every weight and sin that easily slows us down. i am trying to get my city and
9:51 am
the reason we placed it over my city and have africa-american that they are the key to the community. if he goes home and raises the child and that house will change the exunt had - community and that community will change the straight and that state the world. it starts with an incredible man in the house. maybe your life is going slow because there are things that you need to strip off. >> and the one you place at the gentlemen's club there which is a strip club . as i understand it, business has tanked at that location since the bill board went up. >> i wouldn't know, from what i hear, they tell me the parking lots have been empty . that is a sign that conviction is in the land. if the church doesn't stand up now and say the name jesus, who will? i am excited because we received a message from a young man. i haven't been to church in
9:52 am
four years for a nonrelated funeral type service and this sunday i am going to church for the first time. we have already won. that's what we are trying to do. >> you believe it is important to reach out to the young people in your community and africa-american men to take responsibility for families and the fact that what jesus has been teaching is that people need to stand up make sure they remember why family is so important. >> and exactly. what i am trying to get them to realize in the bible. lazarus was dead . jesus said lazarus come forth and it was still bound in grave clothes and what is the useless of coming out if you are still wrapped up? and the next thing that jesus said unwrap him. strip him and let him go . so what am i doing? i am trying to cause my city not enough to come out 50
9:53 am
years removed from the civil right's movement. we have been wrapped up black men killing black men and we have an incredible mayor and police chief and we are coming together like the days of old testimonying our city come out and - telling our city to come out. >> and what reaction are you getting to your message? >> we have drones of support saying pastor mike, a church has come and we have received a lot of hate and phone calls and couple of pastors who say you are doing too much and rebuke me. my response was jesus and nick demus tried to save the city. don't be upset because i choice jesus ministry to every past oar who wants to shake up the city. there is a conference on april 18, 19th called the gathering of the shepherd and thousands of pastors from around the
9:54 am
country come together. the they show us how to be creative and take our city for god. what is incredible. no where on the bill board do you see my name or a picture of me. it is just the name jesus, that's what i am trying to get people to understand. not when i am lifted up. but when he is lifted up all men will be drawn unto him. >> pastor it is great to meet you and all the best to you. >> thank you, and i am praying for you. >> thank you. and all right. there is still time for you to weigh in on our viewer's choice story. we'll share your pick right after the break. don't go away. hey, we got our cards, honey! [ ding dong ] 20% off teleflora... oh... save on roadside assistance from allstate! discounts from enterprise, avis and hertz! [ male announcer ] aarp has great deals
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so you can do more. the share everything plan from verizon. add additional devices like the samsung galaxy camera for $5 monthly access. >> welcome back, everybody, well, a school in alabama held its spring egg hunt, instead of an easter egg hunt and a bunny in costume not an easter bunny. is that going too far? we've had responses, there's a problem in america and we're sadly losing who we are. debra doesn't see it that way. bunnies and eggs are ancient fertility symbols and nothing to do with jesus' resurrection, thank you for sharing. it's time for the story that
9:59 am
you've picked at home. it's the tiny door in a tree, nestled into a tree in san francisco's golden gate park is tiny little door. it's a mystery how it got there, who made it and what purpose it serves, but people, young and old are flocking to that site to catch a glimpse. they have a lot of discovery saying the door is for fairies or a gateway to another land. some passers by have placed candies and notes inside. park service have no plan to remove the door. if your story wasn't picked, we will a post the others on our show web page, and tomorrow, remember, fox news sunday kicks off exclusive easter message from cardinal, and mark kelly gabby


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